Ostenil injections

OSTENIL® is a solution containing sodium hyaluronate. It is injected into the space in the joint that contains synovial fluid and works by restoring the normal balance between the breakdown and production of sodium hyaluronate.

OSTENIL® is usually given as a course of 3 injections over a period of 3 weeks.

Knee Osteoarthritis

Huge clinical evidence supporting this treatment

All injections Ultrasound guided for accuracy

The most common reason for ineffectiveness is a misplaced injection

Big toe joint

An extremely important joint for running and walking, and very common site for wear and tear. 

Ostenil Tendon

An alternative Tendinopathy treatment

Ankle joint

A difficult joint to treat when degeneration occurs

Ostenil Plus

Larger dose for a one off treatment for the Knee and Ankle

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