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Ingrown Toenail Surgery

This is known as a Partial Nail Avulsion. This is a simple surgical procedure, performed under local anaesthetic to permenantly remove the ingrown section of the nail, reshaping the offending side, to prevent reoccurence. This is considered a particular specialty of our senior Podiatrist.


This procedure is pain free and takes about one hour. You will need to have the toe dressed and kept dry for at least a week, and because of the anaesthetic, you should arrange transport as you may be unable to drive home. You will also need at least one follow up appointment.


We have a charge of £280 for the procedure and your follow up appointment.

Antifungal LASER treatment

Unsightly fungally infected nails can now be treated with LASER therapy, rather than unsuccessful nail paints and harmful antifungal tablets. 

There are no side effects & has a high success rate.

When booking your appointment please specify this treatment and the receptionist will book you with the correctly trained Podiatrist.

Vurruca Needling

Verruca needling is fast becoming one of the 'go to' procedures for stubborn verrucae. A quick safe surgical procedure under local anasthesia, which offers a success rate unparralled by commoon freezing and acid methods.

It is important you discuss your options with your Podiatrist, and note you will not be able to drive for several hours after treatment, and will need to keep off you feet as much as possible for the first few days, depending where on your foot your verruca was.

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