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Common Conditions

Heel pain - Plantar fasciitis

This can manifest as heel pain, or pain in the arch. It is important not only to treat the pain but also the cause. 

Achilles Tendinopathy

One of the most difficult conditions to treat, can be seperated between insertional and mid portion tendinopathy.

Morton's Neuroma

Essentually a trapped nerve in the foot, it is extremely painful, but early to mid severity is easily treated.

Osteoarthritis - the big toe

One of the most common foot conditions seen; poor function in the great toe is one of the biggest reasons for subsequent problems both in the foot and lower limb.

Osteoarthritis - Ankle

This is a surprisingly common occurrence following a severe ankle sprain, or repeated minor ankle sprains. Treating early is very important.

Shin Splints - Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

Commonly known as Shin splints, this is common in individuals with poor biomechanics, but a full assessment of the cause can give full relief.

Patella Tendinopathy

Similar in some ways to Achilles Tendinopathy, this is a very common cause of knee pain.


Localised pain under the big toe, can be caused by numerous faults. Early treatment will prevent stress fracture, or worse. 

Osteoarthritis - the Knee

Common in older age groups, and in athletes where there have been meniscal tears. More and more can be done to prevent often unscuccessful knee replacement surgery. 

Tibialis Posterior tendon dysfunction

Often the result of overuse, or through trauma. This causes pain and loss of functon of the foot, and possibly noticible reduction in arch height. 

Tarsal Tunnel syndrome

A nerve compression of the tibial nerve behind the medial ankle bone. Giving pain along the inside and bottom of the foot.


There are many bursa all over the body, and many in the feet. When they become inflammed they can cause significant pain and internal compression to the corresponding area.

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